About me

I’ve been programmer for a while and loving it. I’ve worked in different companies doing different things started from team management to hardware maintenance but in the end of the day I love programming. It does not matter what the language is perl, python, Java or PHP- it is still fun. My philosophy is that one programming language is not better than other. Important is the tools they give to solve the problem.

The life of a programmer

… is a lifelong learning. It’s fun and interesting. I would like to say that my programming career started in 1988 when I got my first computer – ZX Spectrum. I remember my first game I developed – it was a classical Hangman written in Basic with some animations. The second game was an arcade game, based on the movie Tron, which already existed and was written in 1982 by Bally Midway but I wanted to do it myself. This was my first interest in AI. After a while I fell in love with Assembler on ZX. It gave a lot of speed to graphics and the first thing I did was a new circle library. Drawing a circle in Basic on ZX was quite slow to compute, so I used an easy solution: broke down the circle into sectors, calculated coordinates in one sector and copied reversed coordinates into other sectors. Another interesting programming topic was animation streaming and image packing algorithms. It was an interesting time because there was no INTERNET and the communication with other programmers was by mail. The first real game I wrote was inspired by “Dizzy” and “Seymour” – early “quests” hit. Nowadays, on free time, I study Artificial Intelligence and decision theory algorithms like Minimax, traveling salesman problem, route inspection problem and also artificial neural networks. Lately I started to study Android platform programming as well.

I guess my real programming career started in the beginning of the 90’s. It was on Vax/VMS, where I started developing programming environment for young programmers, to help them write, compile and debug their code. After a while, a couple of friends joined in and we got a team of 4 or 5 people developing this environment. Finally it become a shell-based non-profit information and entertainment center. My first commercial software was also probably the first e-shop in Estonia in the end of the 90’s, it even had credit card payment support. It was afterwards used by Delfi portal. So, in the middle of 90s began the most fascinating time of the World Wide Web and it’s been joyride of awesome different technologies. Beginning HTML, Applets and Flash until Applets and CSS. And what is the most enjoyable part of it- it still grows. It does not matter what language is the server. Is it Perl, PHP, Java or Python, the client side, what is visible in the browser is still wild world and in never ending growth of technologies and methologies.

To this site I’ve collected some programs and games I created and knowhow.

Some works

  • Lelulaegas

    Mix of open source Shop engine and my own third generation of CMS:

  • Soovide.com wishlist portal

    I guess it was a year of 2001 when my firend put up his whishes for his birthday. So I thought to do the same. Added admin tool, added some UI. And site was born!

  • Opium boutique

    First generation of my CMS.

  • Playtech kodulehekülg

    Second generation of my CMS.

Also you can find more on Software section. Or find my profile on Linked In. On any question you can always send me a message.

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