MailChecker - new message - workingI had to manage multiple mail accounts but was too lazy to open those all mailboxes. Nowadays I use Google for that but older  days there was not such possibility. So, what I did is wrote simple program in Java to monitor all my e-mail accounts.

MailChecker ikoon systrayl

Program itself runs mostly in systray. In the picture you can see it’s icon in the right. If new mail arrives icon rises a flag and small balloon lets you know where and what mail arrived. If program checks your mail small wheel turns. The right click in the icon opens a menu where you can clear alerts or change settings.

Doubleclick opens main panel with messages and configuration. (Sorry, all images are in estonian but engish language is supported as well).

MailChecker Peamine paneel

On file menu you can exit the program or clear alerts. If you close the window it still will be running on systray. Help menu shows information about the program. Big button below clears alerts.

In the center you can see all your incoming messages. First column indicates your account and folder, then sender, topic and when it was arrived.

Mailchecker kontode nimekiri

If you press configuration you can change mail checking interval (in minutes) and add, remove or change accounts. The checkbox before your account shows if that account is used. If mail server is not reached for a long time program automatically unchecks the checkbox. So, if you do not get any messages check that and the settings.

If you press new – you can create new account to check. If you double click account row similar window is opened where you can change the settings.

MailChecker sagelikasutatavad kontod

New account can be added using predefined configuration. This is modular and if you would like I can add custom configuration to the program.

On configuration window you can give name to your account, set the type (imap/pop) – all this information can be provided by your service provider.

Also you can set directories or folders to ignore. For instance in google case there are list of folders which perhaps should not be checked.

MailChecker uue konto lisamine


Program saves your account information to your home directory with the name mailchecker.dat. For instance in Microsoft Windows XP the directory is C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\mailchecker.dat. File is encrypted but still- keep it out of reach!


Program requires Java installation.

  1. Be sure that you have Java installed. For that just visit and follow the instructions.
  2. The next steps depends what operation system you are running.

On microsoft windows

  1. Download;
  2. extract to the desired directory;
  3. double click on mailchecker.exe.

If you would like program to execute automatically just add shortcut to, for instance in case of Microsoft Windows XP to the menu Start/All Programs/Startup or copy to the directory või C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.

All other operating systems
  1. Download
  2. extract to the desired directory;
  3. open console:
    1. on microsoft windows press win+r and type cmd;
    2. on Linux (Ubuntu, Kubuntu Xubuntu etc) all vajuta alt+f2 or newer Ubuntu press win and type gone-terminal.
  4. open directory where you extracted the program;
  5. type: java -jar mailchecker.jar

Or on third possibility on Unix/linux/Mac(?) give execute permission to and execute it with double click.

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