Synchronize your music library

I’ve collected quite big audio (CD/LP etc..) collection and most of them have now digital copies. This means that its a huge gigabytes horror!

A long time I used great Apple Ipod which comes brilliant synchronization util(Itunes), but now I moved to Android and it has no fast music syncrhonization. So, I tried to synchronize with Winamp but it does not allow to see if disk is full and most of the time synchronization is just broken. Also I do not like to manage playlists specially for writing. I just want to specify which music I would like to listen and playlists should come automatically. Therefore I wrote simple and small program which features fast synchronization.


  • Import:
    • mp3 files;
    • directories containing mp3 files;
    • m3u8 playlists;
    • Winamp.
  • manage playlists:
    • change name;
    • delete.
  • show music information:
    • show all metadata;
    • show size of album art (something most players do not!).
  • add and remove music to syncrhonize:
    • just add or remove music and playlists automatically are included.
  • when file are imported it is easy to manage your playlists, review files information and even size of artwork embedded;
  • select files to synchronize and playlists are written  automatically;
  • synchronization is fast because only files to be change are written or deleted. Most of the files are untouched which extends the life of your SD card and speeds up whole writing process;
  • play music.




Execute program:

  • for windows download remotecontrol.exe;
  • for others download remotecontrol.jar and execute: java -jar remotecontrol.jar.

When executed, main panel is divided into two panels: left for your music library and write for synchronization. Both panels contain lists of playlists, artists, albums and music. When playlists(s) are selected you see artists, albums and music in that playlist. When artist is selected you see albums and music in for that artist (and playlist, if selected). If album is selected you see music for that album.

Also there is additional panel in the right: panel with your drives visible. When whole row is red the disk size is less than music written and when free is red the free size is less than music size. So, when synchronizing with SD card already syncrhonized and free size is red- do not worry.

To import select desired source to import. Winamp is automatical and usesAppDataRoamingWinampPluginsmlplaylists.xml file. All other imports are selectable.

NB! import is not automatical. If you change playlist(s) once imported you have to re- import them. For instance if you use winamp to manage your playlist you have to re- import playlist changed.

There are no duplicate music in playlist. This is guaranteed.

Additional infrmation

Program creates musicsync_storage file to your home directory. This contains program information.

NB! Legacy users. Directory is now replaced with that file. Do not worry, I still have failback to old storage. When you exit the program, old storage is deleted and new storage replaced.

Music written to disk do not keep its original file name but is md5 hash. This helps to identify it next time. But do not worry! Most players can read audio tags!


  • Remove musicsync.exe or musicsync.jar;
  • remove musicsync_storage file from your home directory.

Program uses and libraries to show audio tags and play mp3 music. Icons found from

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