Install Oracle Java on Debian/Ubunty

Download your favourite Java version: from Unpack it to your favourite place and type command below: $ sudo update-alternatives –install “/usr/bin/java” “java” “<new java home directory>/bin/java” 1 For instance, my home is /home/foxjunior and I keep my binaries at bin Continue reading

Tiny Web server

Simple REST based web service. This library is used in Use your smartphone or tablet as virtual keyboard and mouse project. This thin library gives you access to all resources. Even parameters. For that Request object has methods: boolean: hasParamater(String key); Continue reading

Java Image utils

Java image utils purpose is to help scale or resize image. Also it includes public method which returns Dimension of closest size to scale. Code examples: fromWidth, int fromHeight, int toWidth, int toHeight); Returns scaling dimension. image, Dimension Continue reading

Java Assertion

Main purpose of this library is to assert Object values with ease. It uses my Reflection library to access object value. Code example: final HashMap vals = new HashMap(); vals.put(“f”, “g”); vals.put(“h”, “1”); final ArrayList ars = new ArrayList(); ars.add(“a”); Continue reading