Use your smartphone or tablet as virtual keyboard and mouse.

Computer remote controlI needed an app to control my living room computer without physical keyboard. So here it is. Simple yet powerful tool to control your computer with smartphone, tablet or even with another computer! Only thing you need is HTML 5 enabled browser and you have control over mouse and keyboard! And what is the most important. Doesn ot drain more battery than average web surfing.


  • does not require any installation to your smartphone or tablet just download it to your computer;
  • includes virtual mouse;
  • includes virtual keyboard;
  • Uses my Tiny web server;
  • written 100% in Java!



  • execute program;
    • for windows download remotecontrol.exe;
    • for others download remotecontrol.jar and execute: java -jar remotecontrol.jar.
  • see address shown in window;
  • get your smartphone, tablet or whatever device;
  • see that device is in the same network / wifi as computer;
  • on your smartphone, tablet or whatever device open HTML 5 enabled browser;
  • open address;
  • enjoy (try to move your mose on smartphone screen, click buttons and see what happens;))!

Known issues

  • Your tabled or smartphone must be on the same network as your computer;
  • on Android devices I recommend to install Chrome. Most of devices I tried native browser does not support HTML5 properly;
  • to touble click do not tab on one place but with two fingers in separate places (tested on Android Chrome);
  • keyboard on iphone and ipod touch does not work. does it on tablet?
  • please let me know if something does not work.

Update history


  • bug fixes;
  • mouse tracking;
  • Java 8 had some issues;
  • new web server library.


  • updated web server;
  • better control over hosts. Now multiple local interfaces are supported;
  • on screenshot, mouse cursor is shown.


  • keyboard is accessible via menu;
  • screen tracing implemented.


  • keyboard is accessible via menu;
  • screen tracing implemented.


  • new keyboard layout;
  • loading is faster;
  • faster response;
  • minor bugfixes.


  • smoother communication;
  • update check;
  • better mouse usage.


  • ui tweaks;
  • shut down service directly from ui.


  • virtual keyboard update;
  • double click zoom should be now disabled;
  • symbols should work now (at least on Estonian keyboard;)).

How to uninstall

  • Remove remotecontrol.exe or remotecontrol.jar
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